Our Church Vision

The Indian Hill Episcopal Presbyterian Church vision is a set of statements describing what people will see when they visit the church. It was developed from an assessment of our history, our current strengths, and the hopes and dreams of the members of the church and its leaders.

As statements of who we aspire to be, we see ourselves:


o Growing spiritually together in an open dialogue

o Living our dual denominational traditions and making new traditions

o Energizing with a variety of dynamic worship services

o Welcoming and including all, and actively involving inter-generational members

o Engaging our youth and growing side-by-side with them

o Leveraging our talents to benefit others

Making this vision a reality at IHC is a process and a journey. Living this vision is every church member’s work. To help you think about how you can help, here are a few questions & guides which can help you determine where you might want to focus your own efforts in helping make this vision happen and be a continuing reality.

1. Look at the vision

2. Choose where you have a personal passion

3. Think about what you want to build on that IHC is already are doing well—but should do more of

4. Imagine where we could be by next year? What do you see that is different? Then, ask yourself what you can do to help make that happen.

Each year, the Vestry-Session uses this Vision to set goals and make specific plans to improve on the current state of the church. Your input is essential in helping the Long Range Planning Committee choose what to focus on for the upcoming year and how to reach the goals of the congregation.

We encourage you to help with these annual plans. In return, you will be updated on the goals set and progress to achieve them on a monthly and quarterly basis. Together we can ensure we are the church we truly want to be.

If you have any questions or thoughts about the vision or our direction, please feel free to contact either a Vestry-Session member or one of the Long Range Planning Committee members. Living this vision can become a reality if we all pitch in. We strongly encourage you to participate, to get involved in our journey toward living this vision day in and day out, all the while “Celebrating God’s Presence in Our Lives.”

The Long Range Planning Committee:   Jack Armstrong, John Armstrong, Jordan Bain, Elissa Donovan, Eliza Gantt, Mona Glover, Meg Hilmer, Patrick Nesbitt, Gerri Strauss & Anne Wrider