Building Usage

To start the proccess of using the Indian Hill Church building, please download one of the following applications below and email it to Sierra Wheeler (, or return to it the Indian Hill Church office. For more information please call (513) 561-6805.


A marriage ceremony is an act of worship. It is an occasion in which, in the context of the praise of God, the wisdom and counsel of the Scriptures, and the power of prayer, two persons exchange commitments and seek God’s blessing on their union. It is with great joy, we celebrate weddings at Indian Hill Episcopal Presbyterian Church.


The death of a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences of living. Often, death is preceded by a period of illness, which brings its own anguish for everyone involved. At The Indian Hill Church, it is our intention to be as fully supportive to you and your family as possible. This booklet has been written to help answer questions about our policies and procedures.


Please review the Funeral Booklet, and the IHC Burial Ground application for more information.

general building Usage

General building usage is anything from using the church as a space for meetings, event hosting, or even a rehearsal space.