IHC Spring Sip & Serve 2015

Let It Go…Let It Go…Can’t Hold On To My Stuff Anymore!

(with apologies to Disney’s “Frozen”)


IHC Spring Sip & Serve: Friday, April 17th 6-8 pm.

Admission: 1 (or 2) Surplus Treasures


In a 21st century twist on the renowned IHC garage sales of the past, our admission treasures will be consigned to the internet auction site Everything But The House (EBTH) with the proceeds benefiting Church and Community Committee ministries. And keeping with IHC traditions, a party is in order!


Here is how it will work: bring in your prized (but no longer required) items between 6 and 8 pm, for which you will receive a donation receipt for consignment, and then stay for more fun with your friends, celebrating that great feeling of letting it go!


EBTH has guided us with items that do well during the auction: Original art, Jewelry (both costume and fine) , Designer handbags, First edition books, Coins, Military items, Period and mid century furniture, Automobiles.


Things that CANNOT be sold from consignment are as follows: major appliances or exercise equipment, hide a bed couches, items that smell of smoke or pets, children’s toys (except American Girl Dolls or Lego sets), clothing with the exception of designer or vintage, damaged or project furniture or Christmas decorations or any other holiday decorations.


At this fun event, in conjunction with Bowties With a Cause, we will have our own festive Indian Hill Church bow ties and pocket squares available for sale. These light blue silk bow ties and pocket squares are woven with the Indian Hill Church Presbyterian and Episcopal emblems.


We know these ties and squares are one of a kind…especially among churches. Price is $50 each with limited availability. Again, all proceeds (meaning $50) benefit Church and Community.

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