Welcome! We’re glad you’re here.

Want to learn more about us and how this unique congregation works?  Two denominations one church? Episcopal or Presbyterian or neither or not sure?

If you want to know more about Indian Hill Church, The Episcopal Church and/or the Presbyterian Church, we would love to talk with you.  Do you have questions? We hope to supply some answers and offer a dialogue.

Feel free to contact our clergy:

The Rev. Dr. Stephen Caine, Presbyterian Minister ( or call 561-6805 Ext. 305

If you are new to us, we invite you to visit as soon as possible and explore our many programs and service opportunities. Our ministry flows out of our worship of God. In worship, we are reminded of God’s grace and claim upon our lives. The realization of this gift inspires us for ministry. We hope that you will want to join the many who learn, lead and continually seek to grow in unity of faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ.