2002-2012 Art Show  
Purpose: To provide a social fund raising event to support our outreach ministries.  Outstanding local artists are featured.
Description: Local artists are featured and each donates 30% of their proceeds to our outreach programs.  This popular event has grown so much that it will be expanded to Friday night and Saturday afternoon in November of 2008.  Both adult and youth volunteers are needed for facility set-up, constructing  and transporting display panels, painting, bartending, food preparation, serving , greeting, publicity, mailings, parking, clean-up, etc.
Time/Training: No experience necessary!  You decide how much time you can devote.  Whether you are interested in chairing a subcommittee or just want to whip up an appetizer the day of the show – all are welcome.
Contact: Call the Church Office 561-6805 for more information


Hamilton County Youth Center (“2020”)
Purpose: To provide Christian fellowship, comfort, and hope for the young people at the Center.
Description: Two volunteers meet with a group of up to fifteen teenagers (either boys or girls) on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings at 2020 Auburn Avenue from 7:00 to 8:00 PM.  The hour is spent singing favorite hymns, Bible reading, discussion and prayer.
Time /Training: Schedules are set up in four-month blocks.  Volunteers go once a month. Volunteers are required to have a background check and attend a short training session at the Center.
Contact: Deanna Ashing at 561-2836


Jail Ministry
Purpose: To provide Sunday worship opportunities for inmates in one of the Hamilton County Corrections (Jail) Facilities and/or one of the Hamilton County Drug Court’s Rehabilitation Facilities.
Description: Each Sunday, two teams of one or more people report to one of the Hamilton County Corrections or Drug and Alcohol Facilities at 8:45 AM (finishing at 10:00 AM) to conduct a worship service.  This normally includes singing, prayer, Bible reading, and a discussion or talk.  Songbooks and Bibles are available at church to help with this program.
Time/Training: Team members serve every five or six weeks.  Training is “on the job”, going with experienced members until the new member feels ready to lead a service.  This is a very rewarding (blessed) ministry and we encourage people to give it a chance.
Contact: Jim Hammond at 561-4952.  He will be happy to discuss the program and arrange a trip in which you accompany an experienced volunteer.


People Working Cooperatively
Purpose: PWC is a unique organization, providing a full scope of home repair, such as winterization and maintenance services for very low-income homeowners.
Description: PWC provides services critical to protecting the housing stock in communities and insuring that elderly, disabled or other at-risk homeowners are living in safe and decent housing.
Time/Training: Volunteers are needed who are handy at doing home repairs.  IHC youth and adults are encouraged to help with two annual events, REPAIR AFFAIR in the spring and PREPARE AFFAIR in the fall.
Contact: Roy Duff at 321-5487


Winners Walk Tall
Purpose: To develop a foundation of good habits, values and personal pride within our youth, thereby increasing their chances of maturing into happy, productive citizens – real winners in life.
Description: Volunteers make a ten minute visit to one or two elementary school classrooms each week during the school year to teach and explore the fundamentals of good behavior with the children.  During the visits, the volunteers, called Character Captains, teach the basic building blocks of manners, morals and ethics.  An added benefit is the fun, satisfaction and excitement realized by each and every Character Captain.
Time/Training: All Character Captains receive the easy to learn fundamentals through a detailed manual and training video as well as in-school observation.  The time commitment is about an hour a week during the school year.  Absences here and there are normal.  See the websitewww.winnerswalktall.org for additional program information.
Contact: Julie Vorpe at 469-1196


Family Opportunities:


Christmas Ministries
Angel Tree
Purpose: To provide Christmas gifts to children who have an incarcerated parent.
Description: Children’s names, ages, adult caregivers, addresses and phone numbers are obtained from parents jailed or in prison throughout the U.S.  The names of children in the Cincinnati area are distributed to local churches.  At The Indian Hill Church, the children are selected from the “Angel Tree” in late November by families or church youth groups who then contact the adult caregiver to confirm the address, suggestions for the gifts (sizes, etc.) and to arrange a delivery time.  The church family or youth group purchase, wrap and deliver the gifts a day or two before Christmas.  A toy and an item of clothing costing approximately $50.00 are suggested. The gifts are given in the name of the parent.
Time/Training: Minimal, once a year commitment at Christmas.
Contact: Jim Hammond at 561-4952 or Ellen Fox Hammond at 891-5587


IPM Christmas Giving
Purpose: To provide Christmas gifts to needy families served by IPM
Description: Children’s and adult’s names are provided by IPM along with a list of gift suggestions.  Gifts costing approximately $30.00 per person and Kroger food gift cards in $25.00 denominations are also welcomed. Gifts are returned to the Church and then taken to IPM for distribution.
Time/Training: Minimal, once a year commitment at Christmas
Contact: Linda Seal at 561-7779 or Matt Kite at 321-3043.


Free Store/ Food Bank
Purpose: To provide food, products and services to help people overcome the barriers to their basic survival needs and to further their self-reliance.
Description: There is a wide variety of opportunities for volunteers of all ages (youth, adults and families) throughout the year and especially during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Opportunities include organizing food drives, assisting in the Food Bank warehouse, assisting with distributing food to clients and helping with clothing intake.
Time/Training: The variety of opportunities results in a number of choices regarding time commitment.  The staff at the Free Store/Food Bank provides all necessary training.
Contact: Volunteer Director of the Free Store/Food Bank at 241-1064


GLAD (Giving Life A Dream) House
Purpose: To improve the lives of high risk children of parents who are chronically addicted by breaking the cycle of addiction and promoting mental health.
Description: GLAD House provides an after school program for high risk children (ages 5-12) in which licensed therapists and social workers guide children toward therapeutic goals, while providing prevention education, academic assistance, family and group therapy. Transportation from school to GLAD House, healthy snacks, dinner and recreation are provided.  Volunteers are needed to prepare preplanned dinners at IHC (Guild Hall) for the children.
Time/Training: Brief orientation for homework helpers.  Homework sessions are one hour long.  No training necessary for food preparation, just willing hands and heart.  Prepare dinners once per quarter, dates will be announced in the church bulletin.
Contact: Susan Bierer at 561-3664


Interfaith Hospitality Network
Purpose: To provide shelter for homeless families in Greater Cincinnati
Description: IHN is a national faith-based outreach to homeless families.  Twenty-seven congregations in the Cincinnati area are involved in the program.  The Indian Hill Church became a part of IHN in 2004.  We are hosts for homeless families for a week, three times during the year.  During the week, guests arrive at our church on Sunday evening for dinner and stay overnight, leaving in the morning at 6:30 AM.  In the daytime hours they are at the IHN Center in Walnut Hills, where they are assisted by IHN staff in finding permanent housing and work. Guests return to the church for dinner and sleeping overnight.
Time/Training: The responsibilities for the week are as follows:  overnight host, evening host, morning host, meal preparation and set-up/take-down of beds.  Also, members of our church donate food used for breakfast and lunches.  Youth from our church come each evening for an hour to spend time with the children of our guests.  This is a hands-on outreach that helps the needy in our community.  Time commitment varies from one hour to eight (overnight host).
Contact: Deanna Ashing at 561-2836 or Don and Helen Rhoad at 793-0473


Inter Parish Ministry
Purpose: To provide a variety of social services to the working poor and other low income families and individuals in eastern Hamilton County and Clermont County.
Description: Many volunteer opportunities exist at IPM.  Due to the broad scope of services they provide, there are both long-range and short-term opportunities to help people in need.  Some of the on-going programs and services which make use of volunteers are: the Choice Food Pantry, the Elder Ministry, Bread Pick-Up, clothes sorting and general office work.  Programs which require short-term involvement include the Back Pack Program, Holiday Assistance Programs, and Special Events.
Time/Training: All necessary training is provided by IPM professional staff.
Contact: Matt Kite at 321-3043


Madisonville Education and Assistance Center (MEAC) Feed and Seed Program
Purpose: To provide a nutritious dinner for needy families in the Madisonville area.  The Feed and Seed dinner currently takes place each Monday evening throughout the year.  In addition to providing a good dinner, this is a time of fellowship and caring, a time which allows the staff and volunteers to reach out to people in need.
Description: Volunteers (this is an ideal activity for families with pre-teens and teens) provide dinner for approximately 30-40 people.  The dinner is prepared ahead of time and brought to the Center (on Erie Avenue in Madisonville).  The volunteers set-up and serve dinner, freeing staff to visit with clients.  Volunteers are also need to tutor children at John P. Parker Elementary School
Time/Training: Time commitment consists of whatever time is required for meal planning, shopping and preparation.  In addition, the time spent at the Center is approximately 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. on a Monday evening.
Contact: Doug Bierer at 561-3664


Matthew 25: Ministries
Purpose: To fulfill Matthew 25:34-47 by providing nutritional food to the hungry, clean water to the thirsty , clothes to the naked, affordable housing to the homeless, medical care to the ill and humanitarian supplies to the poorest of the poor.
Description: Each year Matthew 25: Ministries ships more than 10 million pounds of humanitarian aid supplies from its headquarters in Blue Ash to the needy in all parts of the world and the U.S.  Volunteers assist in the sorting and packing of donated supplies for shipment to the intended recipients.  There are volunteer jobs for all ages (3 years old to older adults) and especially families. Those who may find it difficult to stand can perform tasks while sitting. Physical strength is not required.
Time/Training: No experience necessary.  You decide when and how long to work.  Young children must be accompanied by an adult.  Groups of 3 or more should call ahead to speak with a representative.
Contact: Matthew 25:Ministries is located at 11060 Kenwood Road in Blue Ash (793-6256) or contact  Don Huntington at 561-4701 or Doug Bierer at 561-3664


Mission Trip:  Navajo Land
Purpose: To provide services to the under privileged and to experience cultures different for our own
Description: Mission trip consist of spending one week in the Navajo reservation and interacting with the people being served.  During that time volunteers are asked to participate in various service projects which might include repairing/updating existing homes and schools, cleaning up public areas, helping to build a foundation of a new home, helping with a local school. Time is also spent enjoying the local environment. This is an ideal opportunity for youth and families to interact with the people being served and to learn about their cultures.
Time/Training: No experience necessary.  Mission trip is usually one week long in the summer.
Contact: Bruce Ferguson at 561-8114


Youth Opportunities:


Avondale Ecumenical Consortium Summer Program
Purpose: To provide enrichment in basic skills of writing, math, reading and computer to children from the inner city as well as the suburbs.
Description: Senior High youth coordinate and oversee educational and recreational activities with children in grades 3-5.
Time/Training: The program begins in mid June and runs for five weeks.  Applications are taken in February, March and April.  Training occurs in May.
Contact: Michelle VanOudenallen, Director of Youth Education at 561-6805, ext. 306