How are we serving God through Stewardship?

How are we strengthening our faith through it?

These are our challenges.


IHC Stewardship 2013:

Dear Friends and Members of the Indian Hill Church:


When we consider the reasons why we go to Church the discussion inevitably becomes-what will I get out of it?  Will it make me a better person through following the teachings of Christianity?  Will the Sermon move me to be a better person?  Will attending with others on a mission to better themselves positively impact my life?  The answer is yes.  Yes, following the teachings of the Bible make you a better person.  Have you read or heard a passage that makes you want to be less?  Has a sermon not made you consider the interpretation of the Bible passage and how it affects you as a person?

Obviously the answer to these questions make you consider all the positive aspects Church brings to your life.  But what I want you to consider is the impact you can make on others.

In the Biblical passage about Jesus turning fishes and loaves into large enough amounts to feed thousands I want you to apply the same measurements to how your participation in Church affects the community in which you live. Providing more money to the music budget allows the beautiful music and assists our dedicated choir with their weekly performances.  Providing more money to the youth of the Church helps send them down the path of Christianity.  Providing the funds to Christian Education makes the Church experience fun and exciting at an age when everything connected with parents is “dumb” or “lame.”  Providing the support to those less fortunate through IHN, MEAC, IPM or other fine organizations make our whole community a better place.  Simply put, if only one tenth of your pledge is dedicated to any of these efforts, isn’t it worth it?

We are more effective because we combine our resources.  Everyone understands that about community.  This Stewardship season please consider all the good you do with this pledge.  Not only for yourself but for the others the Church serves.  Your contribution allows you to affect others in more ways than you may have thought about before.  This season we are using the fish symbol-Yes Stewart the Stewardfish is back- to emphasize the biblical story of Jesus and the loaves.  The symbolism behind this story relates to the ways Christianity can be filling through the smallest of beginnings.  Your pledge-regardless of the size-has an impact much greater than you may have imagined.

Our Stewardship goal this year is $700,000.  This is the same as last year.  This represents an increase by each contributor from last year increasing their pledge by 10%.  Another way to reach this goal is to have 25 new pledges at our average pledge of $2500.  Please consider inviting someone you know to our Church and share with them the word of God.  By reaching this goal we can all spend more of our resources helping those who truly need it most-as well as ourselves.  Remember, every one of us can be Fishers of Men and Women.

Instead of having Stewardship Sunday to collect your pledge, we will be happy to accept your pledge at any time with a goal of collecting as many pledges as possible by November 10.  We ask you to fill out and return your pledge card immediately by mailing it back in the enclosed envelope, placing in the Offering plate or emailing our accountant, Barb Hoffman, at
Yours in Christ,
Todd Gottdiner and Barbara H. Sharp
Stewardship Co-Chairs

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How to Pledge — Pledge Transaction Form or send an email to Barb Hoffman