Outreach Ministries

Adult Opportunities:

Fall Outreach Fundraising Event

Purpose:           To provide a social fund raising event to support our outreach ministries

Description:      In the fall, Church and Community will identify a fund raising opportunity.  The event will take place in early to mid November.  This event may include an on-line auction. Both adult and youth volunteers are needed for facility set-up, chair various committees, solicit donations from local businesses, bartending, clean-up, and maybe some food preparation.  Jobs will vary depending on the venue for the year.

Time/Training:    No experience necessary!  You decide how much time you can devote.  Whether you are interested in chairing a subcommittee or just want to be a pair of hands.

Contact:            Amy Pugh at 253-1269


Hamilton County Youth Center (“2020”)

Purpose:           To provide Christian fellowship, comfort, and hope for the young people at the Center.

Description:      Two volunteers meet with a group of up to fifteen teenagers (either boys or girls) on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings at 2020 Auburn Avenue from 7:00 to 8:00 PM.  The hour is spent singing favorite hymns, Bible reading, discussion and prayer.

Time /Training:   Schedules are set up in four-month blocks.  Volunteers go once a month. Volunteers are required to have a background check and attend a short training session at the Center.

Contact:            Deanna Ashing at 561-2836

See website for more information


Jail Ministry

Purpose:           To provide Sunday worship opportunities for inmates in the Hamilton County Corrections (Jail) Facilities and the Hamilton County Drug Court’s Rehabilitation Facilities.

Description:      Each Sunday, a team of one or more people report to one of the Hamilton County Corrections or Drug and Alcohol Facilities at 8:30 AM (finishing at 10:00 AM) to conduct a worship service.  This normally includes singing, prayer, Bible reading, and a discussion or talk.  Songbooks and Bibles are available at church to help with this program.  Each team can design their worship service.

Time/Training:    Team members serve every five or six weeks.  Training is “on the job”, going with experienced members until the new member feels ready to lead a service.  This is a very rewarding (blessed) ministry and we encourage people to give it a chance.

Contact:            Jim Hammond at 561-4952.  He will be happy to discuss the program and arrange a trip in which you accompany an experienced volunteer.


Winners Walk Tall

Purpose:           To develop a foundation of good habits, values and personal pride within our youth, thereby increasing their chances of maturing into happy, productive citizens – real winners in life.

Description:      Volunteers make a ten minute visit to one or two elementary school classrooms each week during the school year to teach and explore the fundamentals of good behavior with the children.  During the visits, the volunteers, called Character Captains, teach the basic building blocks of manners, morals and ethics.  An added benefit is the fun, satisfaction and excitement realized by each and every Character Captain.

Time/Training:    All Character Captains receive the easy to learn fundamentals through a detailed manual and training video as well as in-school observation.  The time commitment is about an hour a week during the school year.  Absences here and there are normal.  See the website www.winnerswalktall.org for additional program information.

Contact:            Julie Vorpe at 469-1196



Venice on Vine

Purpose:           To provide paid on-the-job training for inner city residents and to help overcome obstacles to pursuing and maintaining stable employment.

Description:      Power Inspires Progress (PIP) operates a pizza restaurant  (Venice on Vine) in the Over-The-Rhine area of Cincinnati. They provide positive, meaningful work opportunities and experiences for adults with employment barriers. They teach basic education, life skills, work ethics, and personal responsibility.  Adult tutors are needed to help these people further their education, provide basic driving instruction, help trainees set career goals, and help with repairs.

Time/Training:    Hours are variable. Training provided.

Contact:            George Taliaferro at 561-1193



Family Opportunities:


Christmas Ministries

Angel Tree

Purpose:           To provide Christmas gifts to children who have an incarcerated parent.

Description:      Children’s names, ages, adult caregivers, addresses and phone

numbers are obtained from parents in prison throughout the U.S.  The names of children in the Cincinnati area are distributed to local churches.  At The Indian Hill Church, the children are selected from the “Angel Tree” in late November by families or church youth groups who then contact the adult caregiver to confirm the address, suggestions for the gifts (sizes, etc.) and to arrange a delivery time.  The church family or youth group purchase, wrap and deliver the gifts a day or two before Christmas.  A toy and an item of clothing costing approximately $50.00 are suggested. The gifts are given in the name of the incarcerated parent.  The inmate will normally provide a personal message.

Time/Training:    Minimal, once a year commitment at Christmas.

Contact:            Jim Hammond at 561-4952 or Ellen Fox Hammond at 891-5587


IPM Christmas Giving

Purpose:           To provide Christmas gifts to needy families served by IPM

Description:      Children’s and adult’s names are provided by IPM along with a list of gift

suggestions.  Gifts costing approximately $30.00 per person and Kroger food gift cards in $25.00 denominations are also welcomed. Gifts are returned to the Church and then taken to IPM for distribution.

Time/Training:   Minimal, once a year commitment at Christmas

Contact:            Linda Seal at 561-7779 or Matt Kite at 321-3043



Free Store/ Food Bank

Purpose:           To provide food, products and services to help people overcome the barriers to their basic survival needs and to further their self-reliance.

Description:      There are a wide variety of opportunities for volunteers of all ages (youth, adults and families) throughout the year and especially during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Opportunities include organizing food drives, assisting in the Food Bank warehouse, assisting with distributing food to clients and helping with clothing intake.

Time/Training:    The variety of opportunities results in a number of choices regarding time commitment.  The staff at the Free Store/Food Bank provides all necessary training.

Contact:            Volunteer Director of the Free Store/Food Bank at 241-1064.



Interfaith Hospitality Network

Purpose:           To provide shelter for homeless families in Greater Cincinnati

Description:      IHN is a national faith-based outreach to homeless families.  Twenty-seven congregations in the Cincinnati area are involved in the program.  The Indian Hill Church became a part of IHN in 2004.  We are hosts for homeless families for a week, two or three times during the year.  During the week, guests arrive at our church on Sunday evening for dinner and stay overnight, leaving in the morning at 6:30 AM.  In the daytime hours they are at the IHN Center in Walnut Hills, where they are assisted by IHN staff in finding permanent housing and work. Guests return to the church for dinner and sleeping overnight.

Time/Training:    The responsibilities for the week are as follows:  overnight host, evening host, morning host, meal preparation and set-up/take-down of beds.  Also, members of our church donate food used for breakfast and lunches.  Youth from our church come each evening for an hour to spend time with the children of our guests.  This is a hands-on outreach that helps the needy in our community.  Time commitment varies from one hour to eight (overnight host).

Contact:            Deanna Ashing at 561-2836 or Don and Helen Rhoad at 793-0473



Inter Parish Ministry

Purpose:           To provide a variety of social services to the working poor and other low income families and individuals in eastern Hamilton County and Clermont County.

Description:      Many volunteer opportunities exist at IPM.  Due to the broad scope of services they provide, there are both long-range and short-term opportunities to help people in need.  Some of the on-going programs and services which make use of volunteers are: the Choice Food Pantry, the Elder Ministry, Bread Pick-Up, clothes sorting and general office work.  Programs that require short-term involvement include the Back Pack Program, Holiday Assistance Programs, and Special Events.

Time/Training:   IPM professional staff provides all necessary training.

Contact:            Matt Kite at 321-3043





Madisonville Education and Assistance Center (MEAC) Feed and Seed Program

Purpose:           To provide a nutritious dinner for needy families in the Madisonville area.  The Community dinner takes place each Monday evening throughout the year.  In addition to providing a good dinner, this is a time of fellowship and caring, a time that allows the staff and volunteers to reach out to people in need.  In addition MEAC provides emergency assistance of food and clothing and provides programs for adult and childhood literacy and self-sufficiency.

Description:      Volunteers (this is an ideal activity for families with pre-teens and teens) provide dinner for approximately 40-100 people.  The dinner is prepared by heating items purchased at Gordon Food Service ahead of time and brought to the Center (on Erie Avenue in Madisonville).  The volunteers set-up and serve dinner, freeing staff to visit with clients.  Volunteers are also need to tutor children at John P. Parker Elementary School and assisting the summer tutoring program at MEAC.  Volunteers are also needed for the food and clothing pantry.

Time/Training:    Time commitment consists of about an hour for tutoring and about a hour for food preparation.  In addition, the time spent at MEAC serving the meal is approximately 2 hours on a Monday evening.

Contact:            Doug Bierer at 561-3664



Matthew 25: Ministries

Purpose:           To fulfill Matthew 25:34-47 by providing nutritional food to the hungry, clean water to the thirsty, clothes to the naked, affordable housing to the homeless, medical care to the ill, and humanitarian supplies to the poorest of the poor.

Description:      Each year Matthew 25: Ministries ships more than 10 million pounds of humanitarian aid supplies from its headquarters in Blue Ash to the needy in all parts of the world and the U.S.  Volunteers assist in the sorting and packing of donated supplies for shipment to the intended recipients.  There are volunteer jobs for all ages (3 years old to older adults) and especially families. Those who may find it difficult to stand can perform tasks while sitting. Physical strength is not required.  Family volunteer events at Matthew:25 will be organized throughout the year.

Time/Training:    No experience necessary.  You decide when and how long to work.  An adult must accompany young children.  Groups of 3 or more should call ahead to speak with a representative.

Contact:            Matthew 25:Ministries is located at 11060 Kenwood Road in Blue Ash (793-6256) or contact:  Don Huntington at 561-4701 or Doug Bierer at 561-3664



Youth Opportunities:


The Reverend Clarence S. Wallace Summer Enrichment Program

Purpose:           To provide enrichment in basic skills of writing, math, reading and computer to children from the inner city as well as the suburbs.

Description:      Two Senior High youth/recent HS graduates coordinate and oversee educational and recreational activities with children in grades 2-6.

Time/Training:    The program begins in mid-June and runs for six weeks.  Applications are taken in March and April.  Training occurs in May.

Contact:            Rev. Dr. Stephen Caine 561-6805 ext. 305




Ministries Inside Our Church


Music Ministries:


Adult Choir

Purpose:           To provide sacred choral music to enhance Sunday morning worship and other special services and to support and lead congregational singing.

Description:      To be a vested member of the choir at the 10:30 service each Sunday, September through May and to participate in possible additional special services such as Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Christmas Eve and our fall hymn festival.

Time/Training:    Rehearsals for the Senior Choir are held each Thursday evening from 7:15 – 9:00 P.M. We warm up on Sunday mornings from 9:30 – 10:15. Training involves guidance in understanding the music, instruction in technique and producing our best possible choral sound. The choir is for anyone who enjoys singing and would like to be a part of a very congenial and patient group of people who truly love to participate in the musical aspect of worship. Ability to read music is not necessary. We hope to add several new members in order to keep our choir vibrant and to involve some younger members of the congregation.

Contact:            Brenda Waugh at The Indian Hill Church, 561-6805, ext. 312

Email: musicdirector@indianhillchurch.org


Handbell Choir

Purpose:           To provide handbell musical offerings to enhance worship services from September to May.

Description:      The Handbell Choir offers music for worship on occasion throughout the year.  It is open to older children, teen agers and adults.

Time/Training:    Members of the Handbell Choir meet weekly for a 60 minute rehearsal after church on Sundays from September through May.  An ability to read music and a strong sense of rhythm are definite assets for our members.  We always have places available for a new ringers.

Contact:            Brenda Waugh at The Indian Hill Church, 561-6805, ext. 312

Email: musicdirector@indianhillchurch.org



Children’s Choir/Music in the Middle

Purpose:           To provide music for worship services throughout the year; to provide children opportunities to participate actively in worship; and to provide children with an instruction and training in choral and instrumental music.

Description:      We are using a new format in the 2014/15 school year with the introduction of Music in the Middle.  The children are singing, using rhythm instruments, and also learning to play handbells.  It is hoped that we can purchase tone chimes, which are very similar to handbells and are more accessible for the younger children.  It is open to all children in 1st through 8th grades and provides music for the worship services and other special services throughout the year, including the Christmas pageant and special musical events at other times during the year.

Time/ Training:   Music in the Middle rehearses on Wednesdays after school with Middle School students coming at 2:20 and Primary/Elementary students at 3:30.  We also hold rehearsals on Sundays after church for two to four weeks before presenting a musical in order to include children who are not involved in Music in the Middle.  Brenda Waugh teaches the children and Jennifer Taylor takes care of much of the communication and extra supervision. Please speak to Brenda, or Jennifer if you are interested!

Contact:            Brenda Waugh at The Indian Hill Church, 561-6805, ext. 312

Email:  musicdirector@indianhillchurch.org



Sunday Service Associated Ministries:



Purpose:           To provide an opportunity for young people to share in the leadership of corporate worship and learn, through experience, the rituals of the Episcopal and Presbyterian traditions.

Description:      Acolytes assist the clergy at all worship services.  They vest, light and extinguish the candles, carry the cross in procession, and assist at the offering and in the preparation for celebration of the sacraments.

Time/Training:    Many acolytes are young people, but all are welcome to serve.   Acolytes typically serve once every six weeks.  Training is required before serving.

Contact:            Melissa Schmit 561-9480



Episcopal Altar Guild

Purpose:           To prepare and maintain the altar for all worship services in a reverent and respectful way.

Description:      The Altar Guild is a group of dedicated people who work behind the scenes to make sure that everything is in place for the celebration of the Eucharist.  The Altar Guild prepares the altar before all Sunday services and special services, including weddings, baptisms and funerals, and maintains the altar after each service.  Members also provide ongoing upkeep of altar hangings and utensils, altar supplies and all things pertaining to the altar.

Time/Training:    Altar Guild members, working in teams, are typically scheduled to work four times per year for two weeks each time.  Training is done by teaming new members with those who have been serving for some time.  The work of the Altar Guild is rewarding and interesting.

Contact:            Jane Birckhead at 561-4431



Lay Ministry (Lectors and Lay Eucharistic Ministers)

Purpose:           To involve members of the congregation in the leadership of worship through the reading of Scripture on Sundays and through serving Eucharist.

Description:      Lay Readers (Lectors) are scheduled to read four to six times a year.  The reader is responsible for the appropriate preparation and reading of one lesson at Morning Prayer.  At the Eucharist the Lay Reader is responsible for one lesson, the psalm and the Prayers of the People.  Lay Eucharist Ministers administer the Chalice at Episcopal sacramental worship.  Training and licensing by the Episcopal Bishop is required and is provided by IHC clergy.

Time/Training:    Clergy provide instruction and training when needed.  An interest in public speaking and in sharing in the leadership of worship are the only requirements.

Contact:            Heather Wiseman at The Indian Hill Church, 561-6805, ext. 304



Presbyterian Altar Guild

Purpose:           To prepare Presbyterian Communion when it is celebrated.

Description:      Volunteers maintain and prepare the Communion table and utensils, prepare the bread, juice and clean the Communion utensils after worship.

Time/Training:    Presbyterian Communion is celebrated approximately twelve times per year:  6 at the 8:00 service and 6 at the 10:30 service.  Volunteers work in teams of two and are trained by experienced members of the committee.  It takes approximately thirty minutes before the service to prepare the elements and set the communion table, and then another thirty minutes after the service to collect the glasses from the pews, wash them, and put all Communion utensils back in the storage cupboards.  Committee members are asked to prepare communion three or four times a year.

Contact:            Susie Myers at 891-7730



Land Stewards

Purpose:           To care for the grounds of the Indian Hill Church.

Description:      The Land Stewards are volunteers who care for our beautiful grounds.  Activities

include weeding, watering, pruning, and such endeavors to care for the campus.  This can be done at the member’s convenience as weather permits.


Time/Training:    Helen Black or another member of the Land will provide Training


Contact:            Helen Black at 561-8705



Seasonal Decorations

Purpose:           To decorate the sanctuary for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and other special occasions.

Time/Training:    There is no special training necessary.  It takes just a few hours to decorate the church on a pre-determined morning before each holiday.  If you have an interest in helping the church, this is a friendly and fun group.  The work is rewarding and appreciated by all.

Contact:            Kate Lawrence at 317-1689, Mardie Off at 561-4884 or Rosemary Ballard at




Sunday Offering Counters

Purpose:           Verify and make weekly deposits to the bank of Sunday and weekly offerings.

Description:      Count Sunday collections and verify the usher count.  Prepare a deposit summary including cash and checks from the Sunday collection and from the Church for the week.  Copy checks. Make deposit at PNC Bank and return deposit receipts to Barb Hoffman at IHC.

Time/Training:    One hour training and one hour per week.  Prepare a quarterly schedule.

Contact:            Agnes Boswell at 561-5881 or 313-9301





Purpose:           To assist the clergy and the congregation in worship on Sunday mornings and at special services, to help newcomers and visitors feel at home, and to provide other assistance as needed.

Description:      Responsibilities include making sure the church is ready for worship before each service, greeting parishioners, handing out bulletins, helping people be seated, directing overflow crowd, taking the offering, assisting people in receiving Episcopal communion, cleaning up after the service, counting the offering and setting up and removing the flags.

Time/Training:    The Head Usher assigns team captains who then take responsibility for scheduling the members of their team for the 8:00 and 10:30 services in the given month.  Each usher team serves two months of the year with those times being six months apart.  Consider ushering with family members, for example: Husband/Wife, Father/Son or Mother/Daughter. A complete list of duties and answers to questions are provided, and experienced ushers are teamed with new ones.

Contact:            Dan Meyer at 561-4432



Sunday Family and Youth Ministries:


All ministries with children and youth require Safe Church training.


Purpose:           To teach the Bible in a fun, engaging and relevant manner in the elementary and middle school Sunday school

Description/      1.  Large-group Assistant:

Time/Training:                Teach, act and excite!  This assistant has scripted lines and is the “cool” teacher. The only experience needed is a desire to have fund with kids, but this position would be great to a person with experience in theatre.  Teachers are on a rotation and can sign up for as many Sundays as they wish. This can be a teen or adult.  Time:  Sunday 10:30 to 11:00.


  1. Small Group Leaders:

Connect, guide, and grow!  Develop relationships with kids as you dive deeper into each week’s lesion.  Lead activities that explore the monthly virtue, scripture, and weekly Bible story.  All materials are prepared for you!  This position is not limited to adults or parents of children.  Teens and adults without children are welcome to lead.  Time:  Sunday 10:45 to 11:30.


  1. Materials Prep Team:

Weekday serving opportunity.  Working with Director, help gather, organize, and prepare materials needed for Small Group time.  One weekday per month.  No training necessary.  Time:  1 hour commitment monthly.  Can commit one month or as many times as you desire.


  1. Music and Worship Team:

Praise, sing, and lead!  Join the team to lead the kids in worship, or share your musical gifts as a featured performer.  Teen or adult.  Time:  Sundays 10:15 to 11:00.


  1. Small Group Substitute:

Fill in for infrequent, last-minute absences.  Great for those who travel or cannot commit to a regular schedule.


  1. Special Needs Helper:

Teach and be a caregiver for children with special needs as their parents attend the worship service.


Contact:            Jennifer Taylor, Director of Children and Family Ministry at The Indian Hill Church, 561-6805, ext. 307


Nurture in the Nursery

Purpose:           To create and provide a safe and loving environment for our youngest friends.

Description:      Along with our child caregivers help rock babies, interact, and play with our infants through 3 years old.  This can be a teen or adult.

Time/Training:    Sundays 9:15 to 10:15 or 10:15 to 11:30.

Contact:            Jennifer Taylor, Director of Children and Family Ministry at The Indian Hill Church, 561-6805, ext. 307


Engage in Early Childhood

Purpose:           To connect, guide and grow young children.

Description:      Read a Bible story to children and lead activities that explore the weekly Bible story.  All materials are prepared for you!  This position is not limited to adults or parents with children.  Teens and adults without children are welcome to lead.

Time/Training:    Sunday 10:45 to 11:30.

Contact:            Jennifer Taylor, Director of Children and Family Ministry at The Indian Hill Church, 561-6805, ext. 307


Special Events

Purpose:           To foster children’s sense of belonging to a church family through fellowship and service with adults and children of all ages.

Description:      Varies with special event.  Examples might include:

  • Organizing and coordinating outreach projects such as a trip to the FreeStore/FoodBank or Marjorie P. Lee
  • Organizing and assisting with intergenerational events such as Rally Day, church picnics and parties
  • Helping with children’s musicals

Time/Training:    Varies with event.

Contact:            Jennifer Taylor, Director of Children and Family Ministry at The Indian Hill Church, 561-6805, ext. 307


Youth Programs/ Ministry with Teens

Purpose:          To provide and nurture a safe faith space for youth through relationships with each other and with God.

Description:     To keep our teens (grades 7-12) involved in the church throughout their middle school and high school years; to give teens opportunities to explore Christianity as they embark upon their spiritual journeys; to build a community among our youth through educational, spiritual, social and outreach activities, and to provide teens with a safe place to seek pastoral care.

Time/Training: Ongoing training is provided for those who would like to serve in a variety of roles. These possible roles include teaching, mentoring, cooking, coordinating, organizing, etc. Safe Church Training is required for those persons regularly mentoring our youth/participating in youth trips and events.

Contact:           Rev. Dr. Stephen Caine 561-6805 ext. 305




Confirmation Mentoring

Purpose:          To provide a safe place for youth to explore the Christian faith and their own sense of faith in this world by having fun, creating and strengthening relationships and experiencing faith through our church, our family and our community.

Description:     To teach and mentor 8th graders as they embark upon the Confirmation process; to model Christian living and commitment to a church community; to provide an open and encouraging environment for Confirmands as them embark upon their personal faith journey; to build a community among our youth through educational, spiritual, social and outreach activities; and to provide teens with a safe place to seek pastoral care.

Time/Training:  Adults and High School 11th and 12th grade teens welcome to serve as mentors.  Mentor Training night in September. School-year-long commitment:  Sept-May. Class meets Wednesday nights from 6-8 pm, several weekend retreats and activities, leading of small groups of 8th graders. Safe Church Training Required.  Class schedule will be provided.

Contact:           Rev. Dr. Stephen Caine 561-6805 ext. 305



Pastoral Care Ministries:


Pastoral Care/Flower Delivery/Weddings and Funeral Assistance

Purpose:           To provide pastoral care to members of this congregation whenever they are in need.

Description:      Through preparing meals, sending cards, providing transportation, making phone calls and lending a helping hand, we reach out to those in need in our church

community.  We welcome those who are visiting our church for important events such as weddings or funerals.  Wedding hospitality volunteers attend both the rehearsal and the wedding, assisting the bridal party before the ceremony and helping with the processional.  Funeral volunteers arrive before the service to offer assistance to the family gathering in the library and to help greet guests.  Our committee also delivers altar flowers to the homebound.

Time/Training:    Members of the Pastoral Care Ministry serve on a rotating basis as “Chairperson of the Month”, taking responsibility for visiting, calling or sending cards to church members who are ill or homebound.  There is a list of people to call on for help with meal preparation and a schedule of members who deliver the altar flowers.

For wedding and funeral volunteers: guidelines are provided by the clergy.  Those interested, may volunteer as often as time permits.

Contact:            Frank Zemlan at 527-4131 or Laura Harrison at 561-1004




Other Ministries:

Soup Luncheon and Kitchen Oversight

Purpose:           To come together in fellowship to share a lunch and make our kitchen “Glow.”

Description:      Gather as needed, perhaps three times a year for two to three hours to give our

kitchen a thorough cleaning.  It is so well organized now that the job is simple.

Tine/Training:     None necessary

Contact:            Jan Ring 561-5196 or janicering@cinci.rr.com


Standing Committees of The Indian Hill Church


In addition to our various ministries, we have standing committees that are broadly responsible for our congregational life.  A brief description of each committee follows.  Most of the committees meet monthly, and are chaired by members of Vestry/Session.  If you would like to serve on one of these committees, please contact the Clergy or the chairperson of the committee that interests you.


Building and Grounds

The Building and Grounds Committee is responsible for enhancing our beautiful environment and serving as a “good steward” in the day-to-day operations and maintenance of facilities while respecting and nurturing the long term landmark status of the historic buildings and natural grounds of the Church.  This committee oversees the ongoing maintenance of the building and grounds of the church, plans and implements major improvements, and oversees staff related to these areas. A subcommittee of the Building and Grounds Committee is the Burial Grounds Committee that oversees the specific needs of the cemetery.

Contact:  TJ Ackermann at 382-0012


Adult Christian Education (Adult Forum)

The Adult Christian Education Committee develops, plans, promotes and implements educational programs for the adults in our congregation.  Members of the committee assist with and attend events as they occur throughout the year.

Contact: Gerri Strauss at 561-5773 or Craig Hopewell at 271-2121


Youth Christian Education

The Youth Christian Education Committee is open to all willing adults and teens who would like to work together with our youth minister to develop and implement the Church’s youth program.  The main functions of the committee are to plan outreach activities and retreats for the teens involved in our youth program.

Contact:  Jennifer McNair at 561-6661


Children’s Christian Education

The Children’s Christian Education Committee meets regularly with the Director of Children’s

Education and the Clergy to consider Christian Education issues.  Their responsibility is to create a lifelong faith and relationship with Jesus Christ in very child in a fun, engaging and relevant manner.

Contact:  Shelly Poffenberger at  561-3335


Church and Community

The Church and Community Committee insures that our outreach money has the maximum impact on those we help, focusing on outreach projects that make a difference in the lives of those we serve and to work to involve everyone in the congregation in volunteer activities.  Contact:  Doug Bierer at 561-3664


Finance and Administration

The Finance and Administration Committee provides financial oversight for Indian Hill Church through budgeting and financial planning, financial reporting, and the creation and monitoring of internal controls and accountability policies designed to keep the Indian Hill Church fiscally sound.

Contact:  Amy Pugh at 984-3077 or Todd Neumann at 793-2177


Long Range Planning

The Long Range Planning Committee is responsible for developing and periodically reassessing and revising the Church’s Vision Statement and identifying and prioritizing the Church’s annual Vision Goals that Vestry-Session and the various Committees will pursue over the course of the year.

Contact:  Bruce Ferguson at 300-0740




The mission of the Membership Committee of the Indian Hill Church is to invite, retain, and appreciate members of the congregation.

Contact:  Barbara McFarland at 673-8322


Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Committee works with the clergy to respond to the pastoral needs of the congregation.  The Care Ministry responds to people during crisis, hospitalization, recovery, extended illness and death and provides assistance at weddings and funerals at the Indian Hill Church.

Contact:  Frank Zemlan at 527-4131




The Personnel Committee recruits the most highly qualified staff possible and supports them through salary, benefits training, development and recognition of their work.

Contact:  Susan Bierer at 561-3664




The Stewardship Committee is responsible to the annual campaign to raise funds for the usage of the Church and Congregation. This committee also sets the stewardship goal that provides the necessary funding for the operation of the Church.

Contact: Doug Hynden 271-9006 or Alison Zimmerman 561-0881



Worship and Music

The Worship and Music Committee works with the clergy to establish the schedule of worship services during the year, seeking to provide a variety of dynamic worship services and music within the Episcopal and Presbyterian traditions. The committee also works with the Music Directors who bring their expertise on how to enhance the worship experience.   In addition, the committee is responsible for overseeing the Acolytes, Altar Guild, Presbyterian Communion Committee, Ushers, Lay Readers, Choirs, Flower Committees and all other groups that support our common worship.

Contact: Mary Dieckmann 984-9712