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Luther Tucker Legacy Society

This planned giving program is dedicated to helping future generations Celebrate God’s Presence in Their Lives

Named for Luther Tucker, an early visionary leader in our church, the Society will strengthen our traditions and ministries to ensure a vibrant, solid foundation for our unique dual denominational church for generations to come. 

Our Financial Foundation

Our financial health depends on three distinct types of giving.

Annual Giving

Annual support must meet the yearly church operating expenses.  Annual giving is an essential stewardship role, but not part of the Society.

Our annual maintenance is underfunded by $100,000 and outreach by $150,000.  Until the endowment is sufficient to cover these, annual giving will need to cover these expenses.

Capital Campaign

To make the current buildings safer and up to date; to fund ongoing maintenance; and to support future needs to worship and community space.

Priority restoration and improvement projects for our five decade old church will require $2,000,000-$2,500,000.  The timing for starting this campaign will be determined by the Vestry-Session

Luther Tucker Legacy Society

An e ndowment to provide a legacy for the future primarily to meet ongoing outreach goals, and secondarily, to provide for future building and grounds major maintenance needs.

The total endowment should be $8,000,000-10,000,000 – or ten times the operating budget to provide long-term stability.  Today it is approximately $2,500,000.

Luther Tucker Legacy Society Principles

—  We will build on our strengths while addressing our opportunities to achieve our vision.

—  We will maintain and enhance IHC’s heritage, traditions, and ministries

—  We will guarantee the long-term financial health of the church.

—  We will maintain the essential character of the church, expecting church membership to remain our current size.

—  We will strive to meet the outreach goals of giving away one-third of our annual pledge income as established     by our founders.

—  We will maintain the wonderful character of our building and grounds, especially the Sanctuary, while bringing       them up to code and up to date.

Joining the Luther Tucker Legacy Society

Your support now will ensure the continued strength and growth of our unique dual denominational church for generations to come.

Estate planners recommend designating a percentage of your assets to planned giving versus and absolute amount.  This ensures you do not have to speculate about your personal needs and future market performance.

Anything you plan to give will be appreciated.  We hope you will consider a pledge of 5% to 10% of your estate, but the decision is up to you.  No contract is required to become a member.

Here’s How You Join

Just let us know that you have put us in your will our trust and we will recognize as a Luther Tucker Legacy Society Member.

It’s that simple to do your part to preserve the future of the Indian Hill Episcopal Presbyterian Church.

For further information or if you have already

included us in your estate planning,

call Anne Wrider at the church, (513) 561-6805.